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Birthdate:Jun 2
Location:United States of America
the basics
Full Name: Soleil Marie Benoit
Played By: Gretchen Wilson
Birthdate: June 2, 1984 (Gemini)
Hometown: New Orleans, LA / Cocodrie, LA
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 150lbs.
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown/dark hazel
Marital Satus: Single
Orientation: Het/Straight
Alignment: Lawful good
Species 100% human
Abilities: Mild gift of foresight/premonition manifests itself as psychic wanderlust, singing, playing guitar
the family
Father: Jack Cooper Remington (July 17, 1951 - ???) Whereabouts unknown
Mother: Joliette Michelle Benoit (October 31, 1957 - March 29, 1989)
Maternal Grandmother: "Nana" Louise Blanche Gautreaux {nee Benoit} (November 14, 1902 - August 20, 1995)
Siblings: None (that she knows of)
the history
Soleil is a third-generation Hunter. Her mother, and even her grandmother, battled the supernatural. When Soleil was thirteen, her mother was asked to cleanse a house of a benevolent spirit. That spirit then attacked and possessed Joliette Benoit. She, in turn, tried to drive the spirit out herself, but was mistakenly thought to have attempted suicide. That, combined with Joliette's steadfast belief in the supernatural, landed her in a state mental facility where she lived until her death when Soleil was sixteen.

From the time Soleil was thirteen until she was eighteen, she lived with her grandmother in the bayous of Louisiana. Her grandmother educated her in the things most people only see in horror movies. When "Nana" died at the ripe old age of ninety-three, Soleil was completely on her own. Since then, she works mostly at diners and bars to make a living. The turnover rate is such that she can pick up and take off whenever the mood strikes. She also likes working at the local 'watering holes' to pick up on the town gossip. It's not so much the 'who's cheating who', but the 'something funny's going on at the Jones' place' that catches her ear.
the gift
Unlike her mother and grandmother, Soleil's not one to communicate with dead people. The ability to talk to spirits, whether as ghosts or spirits that had crossed over, had gotten 'watered down' over the generations until Soleil's gift turned into kind of a psychic wanderlust. She moves from place to place, not really knowing why until she gets there. But once she gets to a new town, she tends to find out there's something hinky going on, supernaturally-speaking.
the personality
Soleil's personality is based mostly on three of Gretchen Wilson's songs: Redneck Woman, All Jacked Up and I'm Here For The Party. She's a hard-fighting, hard-drinking, hard-partying kinda girl who's not afraid to give the boys a run for their money. She's a country-girl at heart who loves her zydeco and country music. During her years living with her grandmother, Soleil learned guitar as a way to pass the time since living in the bayous wasn't exactly thrill-a-minute. She'll also listen to New Orleans jazz and bluegrass on occasion.
the strengths
the weaknesses
Has a hard time committing
Loneliness/abandonment/daddy issues
Comes across as a bitch/hard-ass
Can't/Won't admit to being weak
the writer
OOC Email: celticdreamz77 (at) gmail (dot) com
OOC AIM: celticdreamz77
the legal
Soleil is an Original Character from the Supernatural fandom, which is owned by its respective writers and by Warner Bros. Productions. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is strictly coincidental. The author claims no copyright to the Supernatural universe nor intends any infraction upon the person portraying her. The author claims no relations nor connections to Gretchen Wilson. There is a possibility that some entries could be considered NC-17. Please don't add Soleil if you're under 18.
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